Why to choose CUSTOMTOOLS?

CUSTOMTOOLS offers a suite of time saving tools for SOLIDWORKS that will help you to be more productive and bring consistency to your design team in a flexible way

Automate routines so that you can focus on design

Invest in savings to deliver your projects faster

Improve reuse of product design data


Adopts your ways of working not the opposite

Extend existing capabilities with customized add-ins

Start small, grow big by taking new functionalities into use


Connect and share data to non-CAD users

Standardize your design as everyone uses the same practises

Improve data quality by making it more reliable and usable


CUSTOMTOOLS Capabilities

What's cookin?


May 13, 2016

ICT from China has joined the CUSTOMTOOLS VAR channel as a Premium Solution Provider.

May 11, 2016

CUSTOMTOOLS World (VAR Meeting) in Antibes, France (June 8-9, 2016). Stay tune for more productivity from ATR Soft.

March 23, 2016

CUSTOMTOOLS 2016 SP2 is live! Check What's New document to know more about new features.


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Integrating your ERP to SOLIDWORKS
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June 16, 016 10:00 am (CET)

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Customizing Excel reports
Generate BOM reports with preview images
September 8, 2016 10:00 am (CET)

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Our Customers

97% of our customers are satisfied, 96% of them would likely recommend us
to others based on the latest customer survey (Average from the past 7 years).

Here is what they are saying about us and CUSTOMTOOLS:

"CUSTOMTOOLS has proven to be an effective tool to accelerate commissioning and thus considered a vital link in our renewed design process."
Mikko KalttoDesign Director, Lamor
"I know CT can do much more to help me when I work, I have an eye opened for more ways to assist me. I needed this! Can only recommend."
Bo EkströmOwner, By Bo Design
"CT has been a great addition to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and has improved our ability to manage with others on product development."
Pirkko BulutMain Administrator, Paroc
“A highly recommended toolset to run with SOLIDWORKS – CUSTOMTOOLS makes the tedious jobs easy.”
Duncan GillisDirector, Gilson Design
“With almost one click, we print complete machines and we easily produce STEP/DXF/PDF files. Where SOLIDWORKS stops, CUSTOMTOOLS starts.”
Loek SchreursDevelopment and project leader Marcelissen BV
“Everyone who works with them speaks highly of their unique skills and capabilities, their excellent solutions and service to work.”
Neil ThomasSenior Technical Account Manager, SOLIDWORKS
“With CUSTOMTOOLS, our CAD files are easy to find and most importantly no more duplicates. It has made a huge impact to our productivity.”
Raimo NormaaEngineer, Palmestrailer
“CustomTools is critical to our design and procurement process. Excel Bill of Material exports are given straight to the Purchasing department.”
Mark ThomasEngénieur, Kerfab
“CUSTOMTOOLS provides the same level of efficiency and flexibility that we, in our turn, must deliver to our customers.”
Bruno LespinasseManaging Director, Jomet
"CUSTOMTOOLS is in key role when we transfer our designed products to the purchase and production."
Tero LaaksoProduct Manager, Green Automation
“I love the batch print option, such a time saving it just finished creating 255 items in 2 hours what took me 3 days.”
Russell MacBeanDesign Manager, Metromatics
“One of the major advantages compared to the former way of doing things is that CUSTOMTOOLS has made the design a lot easier”.
Juho SipiläPlant Manager, VAK Oy
“CUSTOMTOOLS helped us to reduce 30% of the structural design hours.”
Ilkka RytköläManager RDI, STX Finland Cabins Oy
“As a contractor, ATR Soft has delivered solid software engineering services. They have proven to have an in-depth SOLIDWORKS and PDM knowledge.”
Kenneth HallbergVice President, PDM Products, SOLIDWORKS Nordic AB

Our team

“Everyone who works with them speaks highly of their unique skills and capabilities, their excellent solutions and service as well as their very personable team; they are great guys to work with”

Neil Thomas, Senior Technical Account Manager, DS SOLIDWORKS Corp.